The Offense of Theft with Violence in Makassar (criminological analysis)

  • Ahmad Alamsyah
  • Hambali Thalib
  • Nurul Qamar
Keywords: theft, violence offenses, criminal


The background for the crime or criminal action is a problem that people experience from time to time, why a criminal act can occur and how to eradicate is a matter of endless debate. This research may be classified into types of empirical juridical. Empirical legal research implies that the laws are drafted as an empirical phenomenon that can be observed in real life. The factors that influence the occurrence of the crime of theft with violence in the city of Makassar, namely: economic factors, factors of education, and Social Environmental Factors. The efforts made by the police in tackling crime the crime of theft with violence, namely Pre-emptive is a precautionary effort carried out early as a routine patrol at certain places. Preventive namely prevention efforts conducted prior to the crime of theft. Repressive is an action taken by the authorities in anticipation of the aftermath of a violent crime such as theft with the investigation.


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